I am a student, currently doing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, at Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalady.

I am a programmer/hacker, who is interested in solving problems. I love working on problems on Language Computing. I am also interested in Application Development, Web Development, Localization and Natural Language Computing.

I am a language lover, who is interested both in content generation in Malayalam and also in the digitization of written/print content.

I am a son, to my parents who are both retired lecturers. Also, I am a brother, to my brother who is an Assistant Professor and his wife, who works in the Bank. I am also a grandson, to a loving grandmother.


EMail : mail AT balasankarc DOT in
XMPP : bsc AT poddery DOT com
Diaspora : Poddery Account