Anything and everything I write can be found either at my GitLab profile or my GitHub profile. Following are some of the projects I created:

  • Gemfileparser- Ruby Gemfile parser
    Gemfile parser is a Python library that is inspired from Gemnasium library in Ruby. It is used to parse Ruby Gemfiles to get dependency information in it. It parses the Gemfile and returns a JSON object with the included information. It is used in the gemdeps tool used by Debian Ruby team.
  • Gemdeps - Dependency chain generator
    Gemdeps is a software dependency chain generator for Ruby (on Rails) apps. It is written in Python and uses the gemfileparser library written by me for parsing Gemfiles of the apps. It uses Rubygems API to fetch dependency information about Ruby gems. It is also capable for finding out the packaging status of these gems and generate a status bar. Developed to be used for the packaging of Diaspora and GitLab by Debian Ruby team.

  • Vijñāna - Digital Repository for Colleges
    Vijñāna is a digital repository to store and share all the intelligent content produced at Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology. It has been developed so as to let the students access the Journal Papers, Project Theses, Question Banks, Model Question Papers and Subject notes, Presentations etc that are written by the staff and students of this college.

  • Rahasya - Privacy aware journal
    Rahasya is a daily journal software that provides encryption capabilities to keep it out of hands of intruders. It utilizes the GPG encryption method to provide this. It is written in Python and uses Qt as frontend.

  • T3 - TV Series Torrent Downloader
    TV Torrent Taker (abbreviated T3) is an ailment to the personal itch of laziness to manually download new episodes of my favorite TV shows. It fetches the info from Eztv and uses deluge to download it. It is written in Python.
  • publish2wp - CLI based Wordpress publisher
    publish2wp, again, was developed to scratch my itch of hesitation to open a browser just to add a post to my blog. So, p2wp was written which wraps around python-xmlrpc-wordpress plugin with a custom file format.

Projects Contributed

  • LibIndic Stemmer
    LibIndic’s stemmer module may be used to extract stems of the words in a sentence. It is implemented in a rule-based model and follows iterative suffix stripping to handle multiple levels of inflection. Right now, it supports Malayalam language only.
  • LibIndic Spellchecker
    LibIndic’s spellchecker module may be used to detect spelling mistakes in a word. If a spelling mistake is found, it generates valid root words as suggestions that have a higher probability being the word user actually intended to use.