My primary operating system is Debian GNU/Linux. I often have a secondary operating system (that too is GNU/Linux based) and I sometimes switch distros that I use as it. As of now, I don’t use a secondary OS. In the past I have used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Fedora and Manjero Linux as my secondary operating systems. I don’t use any M$hit OSs in my computers, but am sometimes forced to use them at my college.

My hardware

My main machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad E430 running on Debian, with its RAM being pumped to 6GB. I also own a Compaq Presario CQ3000 that I use as my media/torrent server (and hence, without a monitor)so that other users of my family can access those stuff. I own a Dell Monitor (I oughta change that. It got lines on it) that I use for my multi-monitor setup. I use two 1TB Western Digital external hard disks for backing up my data.

I am currently using two mobiles - both by Motorola - a Moto G and a Moto G3. Both running stock OSs as I don’t have the patience to root (and thus fix the issues that may come up). I also have a Micromax Canvas lying around, that these days does the job of a paperweight only.

I use a simple iball HipHop headphone, simply because I often tend to be careless with the wires and stumble on them and thus ends up breaking them. Buying a wireless headset has been in my bucket list for long, but I somehow haven’t got the inspiration to do that.

I believe I have one or two pen drives that appears and disappears at random intervals mysteriously. So, these days I consider them an illusion/myth. I have a TP-Link TLWR841N router that I use with an optic fiber modem. I also have a D-Link D2750U modem that I used when I had BSNL Broadband.

I am a bibliophile. Even though I love reading in dead-tree format, I have bought a Kindle Paperwhite, mainly to read books in English.

My software

I use GNOME Desktop Environment with i3 as my window manager (I hate leaving space in my monitor). Zsh is my terminal shell and Vim is my main text editor but I often use gedit for stuff involving Malayalam. I use Firefox for all my browsing and a combination of Mutt and Icedove for my mails. I have tried different IRC clients like irssi and Xchat and these days use hexchat often. Pidgin is my current IM client, though I have tried our profanity for XMPP stuff. I use VLC and Totem equally for playing my videos and ncmpcpp for music. Though I am not a designer, I often use Inkscape and GIMP for my small small needs.