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publish2wp - Wordpress Publisher

Heya folks,
I am pretty sure you all know about the numerous wordpress publishing scripts out there. Still, I wrote one. Why? Just to scratch my personal itch. I am not at all interested in opening up my browser (Mozilla Firefox) which actually is a memory thief. I would be in heaven if I could just do everything via the command line. So, writing posts was a "should-i-do-it-or-not" task for me always, just because...
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nmcli and adhoc wifi hotspot (a.k.a File sharing made easy by Python and nmcli)

Just like you, I was also using pendrives to transfer movies from my friends' laptops to mine. Yesterday, when I was at Thiruvananthapuram with SMC members for the annual meet and Swathanthra conference, Hrishi told me about python's SimpleHTTPServer package which can be used to create an HTTP Server running at any directory. Along with that, if we create an adhoc wifi-hotspot in our laptop, we can easily transfer files from...
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Connecting to Wifi hot spots through command line

For quite a few days, I have been trying different ways to connect to a wireless network (protected through WPA-PSK) via command line a.k.a cli. I tried using wpa_supplicant, iwconfig, editing /etc/network/interfaces etc. Silly me, I was not looking at the great "NetworkManager" which happen to have a cli version. It is called nmcli.
The following are the steps to connect to a wifi accesspoint from cli
1. List out all...
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CLI#1 : The Vim Editor

Howdy all,
So, as posted earlier, this is my first post on the series of various CLI tools I use.
In this post I'll be discussing about an awesome CLI text editor - The Vi Editor. Well specifically, its modified version - The Vim Editor. Before beginning, I have to make a declaration. I am totally not interested in the editor war and have no grudge against Emacs. When I...
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