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DebUtsav Kochi 2018

Heya, Been quite some time since I wrote about anything. This time, it is Debutsav. When it comes to full-fledged FOSS conferences, I usually am an attendee or at most a speaker. I have given some sporadic advices and suggestions to few in the past, but that was it. However, this time I played the role of an organizer. DebUtsav Kochi is the second edition of Debian Utsavam, the celebration of Free Software by Debian...
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Debian Packaging - The mentoring days

Heya, From the last blog entries, I think it can be guessed that I am seriously into Debian packaging. I have been maintaining ~80 Ruby packages that are dependencies of Diaspora, Gitlab etc and the packaging work surely helped to kick my technical knowledge up a notch. Since I believe in the idea of "Our knowledge becomes polished when we teach/share it" (attribute it to the fact that I come from a family full...
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My 2^10 days of packaging

Heya folks, Today, out of the blue, I decided to check how many days have gone since I was first introduced to packaging by Praveen. From my blog post entry, it was on October 20, 2012 when I joined an IRC training conducted by Praveen. It was for the packaging of Diaspora and in general that of ruby gems. And today, 1024 days had passed since I first tried my hands in packaging....
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Debian Ruby Packaging error - invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

During the packaging of some gems, I got the weird error - "invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII". Since I knew US-ASCII was something related to languages, I found out pretty quickly that it was something related to the locales setting of the package. It seems the necessary locales were not getting installed in the build environment.
To solve the error
1. Add locales to Build-Depends
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Debian GitLab Packaging Diaries #3 (June 26 - July 3)

Heya folks,
Last two weeks was a bit of a packaging time for me. Also, Praveen was sponsored $3000 by Gitlab, for the packaging work and he started it a few days back (check for #debian-gitlab-months in Diaspora). That meant my packages were uploaded quicker, :D. The packages I worked on are

  1. omniauth-multipassword -- OmniAuth strategy to use different password strategies
  2. slack-nofitier -- Ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
  3. ...
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Debian GitLab Packaging Diaries #1 - rotp

Heya folks,
Last few days was a little tight as I am having my internal exams. However, I packaged the gem rotp with some great help from Cedric. This packaging made me do a variety of tasks. I'll list out them below

  1. Since the source code contained jquery embedded, lintian was unhappy in the first try and I had to repackage the gem with a -dfsg suffix. This involved adding a gbp.conf...
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Debian GitLab Packaging Diaries #0

Heya folks,
Since last year, I am part of Debian Ruby team where we are packaging different ruby gems to make them apt-gettable (and save the users from learning rvm). As mentioned in earlier posts, I started with Diaspora packaging and have packaged some gems needed for that (mainly some redis-* gems and fog-* gems). Since, Diaspora packaging is almost over, I am slightly moving towards packaging GitLab for Debian....
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Debian Jessie Release Party @ Kochi


25th of April, 2015 was an important day in the lives of Free Software enthusiasts. Debian released its 8th version - named Jessie (as always, from the Toy Story movie series) on that day. It was relesed after about 2 years of rigorous testing and debugging and would surely be the most stable one of all. As part of the release, there were release parties organized all [over the world]( About 13...
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Celebrating Deepavali Differently - DebUtsav '14

We celebrated Deepavali a little early and a little differently. It was Free Culturised, :D. Yeah folks, I am definitely talking about the DebUtsav '14 that happened in Amrita Vishwavidyapeetom, Kollam last week (October 17-18). It was truly one hell of an event. The wowness lies in knowing that the event rocked even when about 90% of the audience were sweeped away due to some unfortunate happenings. The registered number was...
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Back to Pack(aging)

Howdy all,
I was introduced to the world of packaging by Praveen (a.k.a javaman), one year back. It was a training session for packaging diaspora gems for debian (so that diaspora can finally be installed by sudo apt-get install diaspora). I tried packing one package named jammit and I think I stopped it when I found that, it had some dependencies yet to be packaged. And as usual, I had found...
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Diaspora Packaging

Howdy all, I forgot to tell you I'm temporarily out of Diaspora Packaging session till 5th November due to my exams... Hope to get there back soon....
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Debian Packaging

Howdy all, Today also I'm continuing packaging session with j4v4m4n. There is a happy news that I finally uploaded my first package to I've also requested Alioth for joining Ruby project. So, i thought why don't i summarize what all I know about packaging. It is as follows

  1. Make an ITP (Intent To Package) - Sample ITP can be found here
  2. Mail the itp to Note the following things
    (a) Use...
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Continuing packaging session...

Howdy all, The packaging session i mentioned earlier have just begun... We got aneesh and nadir today as session mate... Anyone interested can join the channel #debian-diaspora on I corrected my control files and .changes files, Rebuilt the package and boom!
I uploaded my first package to and requested for uploading the same on Now waiting for their confirmation mail...
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My first packaging session

Howdy all, Had my first packaging session (debian-diaspora) last night. The session was conducted by Mr. Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (j4v4m4n) and Mr. Vasudeva Kamath (copyninja). Learned the basics of Ruby Gem Packaging for debian packages...My fellow session mates were Mr. Ajinkya Bhosale and Xavier B...  The instructors helped us in various steps of packaging like

  1. Selecting an unpackaged gem
  2. Writing an ITP
  3. Reporting it to bug centrr
  4. Converting the gem to a .deb package

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