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GSoC Final Report

Heya, It is finally the time to wind up the GSoC work on which I have been buried for the past three months. First of all, let me thank Santhosh, Hrishi and Vasudev for their help and support. I seem to have implemented, or at least proved the concepts that I mentioned in my initial proposal. A spell checker that can handle inflections in root word and generate suggestion in the same inflected form...
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GSoC Update: Week #7 and #8

Heya, Last two weeks were seeing less coding and more polishing. I was fixing the LibIndic modules to utilize the concept of namespace packages (PEP 420) to obtain the libindic.module structure. In the stemmer module, I introduced the namespace package concept and it worked well. I also made the inflector a part of stemmer itself. Since inflector's functionality was heavily dependent on the output of the stemmer, it made more sense to make inflector...
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GSoC Update: Week #5 and #6

Heya, Last two weeks were spent mostly in getting basic spellchecker module to work. In the first week, I tried to polish the stemmer module by organizing tags for different inflections in an unambiguous way. These tags were to be used in spellchecker module to recreate the inflected forms of the suggestions. For this purpose, an inflector module was added. It takes the output of stemmer module and reverses its operations. Apart from that, I...
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GSoC Update: Week #3 and #4

Heya, [Sorry for the delay in the post] I spent the last two weeks mainly testing out the stemmer module and the defined rules. During that I found out there are many issues for a rule based model because different types of inflections to different parts of speech can yield same inflected form. This can be solved only by machine learning algorithm that incorporates a morphological analyzer and is hence out of scope of my...
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GSoC Update: Week #1 and #2

Heya, Last two weeks of GSoC mostly involved working on Stemmer module of the proposal. I had discussions with Hrishi and Vasudev regarding the directory structure that I will be using for the stummer. I proposed .. format because it gives more visibility to libindic. Since both of them agreed (I will be converting all the existing modules to this format, after GSoC), I first ported the existing indicstemmer module to this directory...
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GSoC Community Bonding - VibhakthiGenerator

Hi, So the community bonding period of Google Summer of Code 2016 comes to an end today. During this period, the participants were expected to mingle with the community, get to know more about its basic workflow, make small small contributions to the projects undertaken by community, understand the coding standards, deployement models and version control schemes, the communication model used etc.


I have been contributing to the community before GSoC, in form of...
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In for GSoC

Heya, So, I am in for Google Summer of Code as my project "Inflection Aware Spellchecker for Malayalam" got accepted under Indic Project. I will be implementing a spellchecker that can handle the problem of inflections in Malayalam language on top of the LibIndic framework. I am happy that I got Hrishi a.k.a Stultus, whom I have known for the past 4 years, as my mentor for this project. Also, it...
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