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4 Days. 22 Hours. LaTeX.

Heya folks, One of the stuff I love doing is teaching what I know to others. Though it is a Cliché dialogue, I know from experience that when we teach others our knowledge expands. From 10 students, you often get 25 different doubts and minimum 5 of them would be ones you haven’t even thought yourself earlier. In that way, teaching drives a our curiosity to find out more. I was asked to take...
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Celebrating Deepavali Differently - DebUtsav '14

We celebrated Deepavali a little early and a little differently. It was Free Culturised, :D. Yeah folks, I am definitely talking about the DebUtsav '14 that happened in Amrita Vishwavidyapeetom, Kollam last week (October 17-18). It was truly one hell of an event. The wowness lies in knowing that the event rocked even when about 90% of the audience were sweeped away due to some unfortunate happenings. The registered number was...
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The CLI way.

Howdy all, It recently occured to me that, the best school I ever got was the Internet (After that, comes my friends). So, it is my social responsibility to give something back to them (Yeah, Internet is never an "it" for me, but "them". Internet Is Real). So, I decided to write something here frequently that I gained from Internet. It is hereby stated that all the content below was gained from one...
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