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Lenovo G5030 WiFi Disabled in Linux Mint

Heyo folks,
Recently, I bought a Lenovo G5030 Laptop for my father. The first thing I did, was install GNU/Linux in it. Since it was for my father, I installed Linux Mint 17.1 in it. It detected Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth automatically. But the issue was, WiFi was disabled. I tried clicking the toggle button in Network Panel (from the network applet in bottom panel). But, it never got enabled. So, I decided to...
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Debian Ruby Packaging error - invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

During the packaging of some gems, I got the weird error - "invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII". Since I knew US-ASCII was something related to languages, I found out pretty quickly that it was something related to the locales setting of the package. It seems the necessary locales were not getting installed in the build environment.
To solve the error
1. Add locales to Build-Depends
2. Add Read More

RTL8723BE Internet (Wi-Fi) down after some time in Linux Mint (and possibly Ubuntu too)

I have been making my friends migrate from Windows to GNU/Linux. Since they were extreme begineers I installed Linux Mint on their computers. Most of the systems worked perfectly with a windows-gnulinux dual boot. But some new HP systems had the "feature" that only one OS can be installed at a time. However, I convinced them to remove Windows (Yay me!!) and installed Linux Mint only.
In those two systems, the Wireless...
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