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Debian GitLab Packaging Diaries #3 (June 26 - July 3)

Heyo folks,
Last two weeks was a bit of a packaging time for me. Also, Praveen was sponsored $3000 by Gitlab, for the packaging work and he started it a few days back (check for #debian-gitlab-months in Diaspora). That meant my packages were uploaded quicker, :D. The packages I worked on are

  1. omniauth-multipassword -- OmniAuth strategy to use different password strategies
  2. slack-nofitier -- Ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
  3. logger-application -- add logging support to Ruby application. Remember the issue with mono-logger and Ruby 2.2 mentioned earlier?
  4. delayed-job-active-record -- ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob
  5. timfel-krb5-auth -- Kerberos binding for Ruby
  6. omniauth-kerberos -- OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos - Waiting for Praveen to upload
  7. rack-oauth2 -- Rack interface for OAuth 2.0
  8. jquery-scrollto-rails -- library to use jQuery scrollTo with Rails
  9. underscore-rails -- library to use underscore.js with Rails
  10. torquebox-no-op -- emulate TorqueBox APIs outside of TorqueBox
  11. devise-token-authenticatable -- token based authentication for devise
  12. redis-actionpack -- Redis session store for ActionPack

devise-token-authenticatable was my 50th package to Debian. It has been an awesome experience so far with the Debian Ruby Team.