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Debian Packaging

Howdy all,

Today also I'm continuing packaging session with j4v4m4n. There is a happy news that I finally uploaded my first package to I've also requested Alioth for joining Ruby project.

So, i thought why don't i summarize what all I know about packaging.

It is as follows

  1. Make an ITP (Intent To Package) - Sample ITP can be found here
  2. Mail the itp to Note the following things
    (a) Use plain text formatting. Don't use HTML formatting
    (b) The subject should be ITP: --
  3.  Wait for confirmation from bug centre.
  4. If you get confirmation mail, proceed
  5. Download the gem and convert it to deb package using the command
  6. Run the following command in terminal (first , change directory to folder where you downloaded the package) to check for errors
    lintian -iIEcv --pedantic --color auto
  7. Correct the errors by editing the files - control, copyright and changelog in the folder / / /debian/
  8. Rebuild the package using the following command in terminal (change directory to the folder with name same as name of package inside your downloaded folder)
  9. Sign the package using your GPG Key
  10. Create an account in
  11. Upload your package to mentors following the instructions here
  12. Wait for confirmation

I've reached only here... Will update along with my journey...