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DebUtsav Kochi 2018


Been quite some time since I wrote about anything. This time, it is Debutsav. When it comes to full-fledged FOSS conferences, I usually am an attendee or at most a speaker. I have given some sporadic advices and suggestions to few in the past, but that was it. However, this time I played the role of an organizer.

DebUtsav Kochi is the second edition of Debian Utsavam, the celebration of Free Software by Debian community. We didn’t name it MiniDebConf because it was our requirement for the conference to be not just Debian specific, but should include general FOSS topics too. This is specifically because our target audience aren’t yet Debian-aware to have a Debian-only event. So, DebUtsav Kochi had three tracks - one for general FOSS topics, one for Debian talks and one for hands-on workshops.

The event was organized by Free Software Community of India, whom I represented along with Democratic Alliance for Knowledge Freedom (DAKF) and Student Developer Society (SDS). Cochin University of Science and Technology were generous enough to be our venue partners, providing us with necessary infrastructure for conducting the event as well as accommodation for our speakers.

The event was a two-day one, with Debian track on day two being dedicated to packaging workshop. The event also had two keynote sessions on each day; first one by Aruna Sankaranarayanan who is affiliated to OpenStreetMap talking about the same, and second one by Todd Weaver, CEO of Purism addressing the gathering over a video call and talking about Purism. For other talks, take a look at DebUtsav website

The number of registrations and enthusiasms of the attendees for the event is giving positive signs on the probability of having a proper MiniDebConf in Kerala, followed by a possible DebConf in India, for which we have bid for. Thanks to all the participants and speakers for making the event a success.

Thanks to FOSSEE, Hamara Linux and GitLab for being sponsors of the event and thus enabling us to actually do this. And also to all my co-organizers.

A very special thanks to Kiran S Kunjumon, who literally did 99% of the work needed for the event to happen (as you may recall, I am good at sitting on a chair and planning, not actually doing anything. :D ).

Group photo

Group Photo