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Diaspora v0.1.0.0

It is a fscinating news to those in the FOSS world that their favourite open source social networking platform - DIASPORA has released its new version - v0.1.0.0 ( I ask the creators, the hell dudes?? why not v1.0.0.0. Why a preceding 0?? ). This one is a toast to the tongue as it comes with a brand new set of cool and amazing features and I plan to share (good artists copy, great artists steal) those features here.

Feature #1 - Photo upload from mobile

With the release of Diaspora v0.1.0.0, it's possible to upload photos to your stream from mobile devices.
Photo Upload

Feature #2 - Post preview

 Post Preview
This might be one of the most long-awaited features in Diaspora history!

You can now preview your posts before committing them to the stream. No more frustration from those silly spelling mistakes!


Attribution : Diaspora HQ Stream