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ILUG - Indian Libre User Group - Cochi

Howdy all,

Let's see how many of you knew about ILUG? I came to know about it very recently. They are dedicated spreading Free Software awareness in society through its regular monthly meetings ( 4th Sunday of every month ),conducted since 1997. This month's meeting's details are as follows:

1. Introduction to Free Software

We start of with our regular discussion on the concepts and philosophy of the Free Software Movement and related topics.

2. Agenda : Password Security & its Importance

Finding out more about password vulnerability tools to understand the password attacks and tools, the benefits of being protected will be discussed. Password attacks can be minimised by password analysis &
security measures.

3. Technical Discussions

Attendees will discuss and/or present topics of interest. They will share their knowledge by handling small sessions to make up the Technical Session part of the Meeting.

4. Q&A Session

This would be used to answer doubts that users have concerning Free Software.

For more information about the group, visit their website -

To join mailing list , visit -

P.S : I haven't been able to attend their meeting even once, including the one happening this sunday... Every time, some other appoints block it... What to do???