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My first packaging session

Howdy all,

Had my first packaging session (debian-diaspora) last night. The session was conducted by Mr. Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (j4v4m4n) and Mr. Vasudeva Kamath (copyninja). Learned the basics of Ruby Gem Packaging for debian packages...My fellow session mates were Mr. Ajinkya Bhosale and Xavier B...  The instructors helped us in various steps of packaging like

  1. Selecting an unpackaged gem
  2. Writing an ITP
  3. Reporting it to bug centrr
  4. Converting the gem to a .deb package

I selected the package jammit ver. 0.6.5, packaged it and reported to here. Later converted it to a deb file and am currently working on fixing the errors in copyright and license files.

Javaman and copyninja were extremely helpful and described every step in detail. The session will continue today night... Eagerly waiting for it.