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Ruby on Rails

As per my New Year Resolution of 2014, I started learning Ruby on Rails. As usual, by 4 months, I had learned 4 lines. But, fortunately, it was time for my university exams. And, just like routine, I was super excited to do stuff (anything) other than studying for exams. I am most productive on the days just before my exams. So, I decided to reboot my Rails learning. And guess what, within 4 days I learned more stuff than what I learned in 4 months. I decided to wrote a Library Management System ( for my father's personal library and also my brother's college library). I knew Library Management Systems were extremely common there are many excellent solutions available and I was just reinventing the wheel. However, this project was a tutorial for me, and that gave me a chance to make mistakes and be cool about it. So, in short, the project was a sandbox. And, as expected, it was study for 15 minutes, code for 50 minutes. The project is still going on and can be found on my Check the _dvt_ branch for latest pieces of commits.